S.B. 657 California Transparency in Supply Chains Act


SB 657 was approved in 2010 and became effective on 1/1/2012, requiring all retail sellers and manufacturers conducting business in the state of California to disclose their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their direct supply chains for tangible goods offered for sale. See the full law detail at the following link  http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/164934.pdf


Our Commitment: J.D. Heiskell Holdings, LLC (JDHH) strongly opposes any and all illegal and unethical treatment of human beings. In support of this law, JDHH offers the following disclosure. 

  • Upon request by any customer of JDHH, we will provide verification that the supply chain responsible for delivery of the product/products in question is not tainted by vendors engaged in slavery or human trafficking. This supply chain audit will be conducted internally by JDHH. 
  • JDHH does not, in its regular course of business, conduct physical audits of its suppliers to evaluate their compliance with regards to human trafficking or slavery, nor does JDHH require suppliers to certify that their own supply chains are free of slavery or human trafficking. Internal records will be retained for employees that fail to meet JDHH company’s standards of slavery and human trafficking. 
  • JDHH has designated an employee to monitor its supply chains with the intent of mitigating the risk of utilizing vendors engaged in slavery or human trafficking practices. 
  • Our Human Resources department continually trains and monitors all JDHH employees to maximize awareness of human rights improprieties.

To date JDHH is not aware of any issues with slavery or human trafficking within its supply chain. Customers or suppliers of JDHH who are aware or who become aware of any illegal treatment of people within the supply chain are urged to contact the following JDHH Representative.


Timothy J. Regan
(402) 289-5700